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HeyDay Wakesport Boats

It should come as no surprise that Heyday Wakesport Boats were created by the same people who essentially invented wake sports over two decades ago. It didn’t take long for the team to note many flaws that needed to be addressed. The slate was wiped clean and they invented a totally reimagined Heyday wake sports boat. Of course, quality is the top priority in designing Heyday boats. As a result, the performance is top-notch and what boaters expect with every experience on the water. The signature hull shape does all the heavy lifting for you without the need for expensive wake-shaping tabs or gates. These designs are so intuitive, they’re already loaded with all the necessities you need. For example, you’ll enjoy features like built-in ballast that’s easy to use, massive storage options, plenty of storage, and much more.

Here at Thayer Marine, we offer an extensive variety of Heyday Wakesports Boats, including the WT-1, WT-2, WT-Surf, and more! Visit us today in Jackson, MI to check out these incredible boats today. We also offer a convenient service department right here at our dealership and carry various OEM parts, too.

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